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Disgusting: Sites That Help People Cheat Are Popping Up Everywhere!

by Bryan Carmodys on October 3, 2013


“The rise of Married affairs have taken the modern world with a surprise”

Generally, there can be nothing good that can come from an affair. Your spouse does not deserve the betrayal that comes as a consequence of your infidelity. You may rationalize that you are growing sick and tired of your relationship with him/ her. You may have other reasons: you are seeking the excitement of an affair, you are feeling miserable with your spouse or you just want to momentarily escape the confines of your marriage. You may even think an affair is fine as long as your partner does not know. Despite this denial, you know fully well that what you did was wrong. Infidelity is a very hard thing to be forgiven easily. Broken hearts do not go well with broken homes and trusts.
One cannot deny that infidelity is immoral. Upon entering a marriage you are sworn to remain faithful to your partner. It’s sad to note that nowadays people seem to have taken their vows all too lightly that affairs have become more and more mainstream.
It’s not only men that commit infidelity. The percentage of women initiating the affair continue to increase. According to, 54% of women admit they committed an affair in any relationship they had. If this continues, we’ll be seeing a lot of divorce cases, annulments and broken families.

Internet as a Major Tool for Affairs


“Internet has become a gateway for cheating people”

The Internet has been a major source for people finding married dating guides. There are some websites that even “coach” people how to cheat, and cheat well. These married dating guides enumerate what one should and should not do when having an affair. At some point you may have felt perplexed why people would write such married dating guides. Why would people write about something that can help break relationships and families? The people behind those married dating guides have trivialized the implications of infidelity and extramarital affairs.
Since affairs are a bad thing, why are affair websites popping everywhere? It’s bad enough that the possibility your husband/ wife will meet someone in the office or at the gym exists. Affair websites have just made it easier for them to meet other people and hook up. What’s worse with these websites is they are selling the idea that an affair is a fun thing to have.
There is one affair site known as, which has been facing regular controversies. There have been mixed reviews from the people. To make sure of the site’s credibility, one need to read the marital affair review first. There are sites, which has compared the site with other dating sites, to help people decide if is a scam or not.
Ashley Madison is another example of an affair website. You may have seen billboards in their promotional ads. Sometimes they use the image of popular figures who have an affair. They make you think that these people were able to have an affair successfully and they can also help you with one. They glamorize cheating and all its trappings. Upon entering Ashley Madison’s website their slogan “Life is short. Have an affair.” will welcome you. They are saying that affairs are fine and everyone should experience it in their lifetime.
Dating websites serve to millions in the cyber world. Noel Biderman, CEO of Ashley Madison, observed that most of the users in dating websites were in relationships or were married. Seeing this as a marketing opportunity, he created Ashley Madison back in 2001. Today, Ashley Madison continues to thrive, serving over 8 million users in over 25 countries.
These kinds of websites exist because there are people who are willing to subscribe to it. As long as there are people who are prone to having an affair, websites like Ashley Madison will continue to sprout and prosper.

Is Online Affair Dating Really the Solution?


“Some people have come to believe that it is the only solution left for them”

Sadly, there are people who find websites like Ashley Madison to be useful. They have claimed that it has helped them with their marriages. For couples that are dissatisfied with their sex life, Ashley Madison serves as a solution to their problem. For them, Ashley Madison is the venue where they can meet other people who are also seeking an affair. It is a win-win situation. Both persons get what they want. Some of these people still want to keep their marriages so they opt to find potential dates in dating websites. They don’t have to interact with them personally. If they want to, they can slither away from the affair easily.
However, for some people, websites like Ashley Madison is the key to their miserable marriages. Most partners in relationships and marriages feel that they are unappreciated. Because of this they feel sad and depressed. When they log in to Ashley Madison they can find other people who appreciate and compliment them. These online encounters boost their self- esteem. They would take any compliment to make them feel better, even though the person on the other end does not know a thing about him/ her. The only thing she/he has as her base is her/his first impression about the person. Some people noted that the state of their marriage improved because of these affairs. They don’t fight with their husbands/ wives anymore because their dissatisfaction or misery has already been answered by his/ her paramour.

The End Judgment


“With the increasing popularity, there seems to be no end to the married affairs”

Sites like Ashley Madison will continue to exist. According to an interview by Catey Hill with Noel Bidermam for, Ashley Madison has actually “preserved marriages than destroying it”.
Even though affairs are morally wrong, it has been around throughout history. Great and famous people have strings of concubines and mistresses. Irrational people will find this notion can be a contention that affairs are fine because it has been around for so long.
When people are exposed to such information or websites for a long time they begin to inhibit those values or ideas. There are people who spend almost all of the hours of the day browsing through profiles on affair websites. She/he will begin to form an idea that since many others are willing to be in an affair, it’s okay and acceptable. A norm, they say.
Married dating guides and affair websites only serve as mediums of infidelity. Ultimately the person has the last choice if she/he will follow it or initiate it. However, it takes a great deal of self- control to prevent oneself from being swept by these websites’ messages and ideas.

How Do You Avoid Getting Into These Traps?

What can one do to avoid these kinds of information or websites? The best thing you can do is to click the close button on your browser window. It’s better that you consciously and deliberately refrain yourself from being exposed to such kinds of content on the Internet. One click from such websites can lead to a lot of things. It’s better to not start things at all. Another good idea you can do is to turn your computer off and direct your attention and energy to worthwhile activities. You will be more productive and you will let yourself grow positively. Spend time with your husband/ wife and your kids. Take time to develop your relationship with them. Not only will this strengthen your marriage and relationship, it will also take you away from the temptation of starting an affair.

Married dating guides and affair websites are going to stick in the cyber world for a long time. As long as someone is using them they will continue to exist. There’s only little you can do about its existence. Remember that you have the final choice in everything that you do. Don’t blame these websites and married dating guides for your failed marriages. If you decided on the wrong choice you only have yourself to blame.

Want To Have An Affair? Here’s How To Do It – Without Getting Caught!

by Bryan Carmodys on August 24, 2013

“Have an affair without getting caught red handed”

“Have an affair without getting caught red handed”

Having an affair online has become as easy as grocery shopping. More and more people look to cure relationship boredom through cheater online dating websites. What used to be the exception has become the norm in modern society. If you are one of the many looking to cheat on your partner, you ultimately want to get away with it. If you are looking for married but cheating sites, then there are many sites to have an affair online. The cheater online dating sites are like a safe haven for these married people who are looking for some side action. Cheating certainly brings its weight in emotional baggage, but when the spouse finds out, it can make for an even more hectic time. Instead of guessing on how you can be discreet in your affair, consider the simple tried and true ways of getting away with cheating!

Don’t Get Too Comfortable In Your Position

“Don’t get too comfortable – be sharp”

“Don’t get too comfortable – be sharp”

Getting away with cheating on your partner requires stealth on your part. Getting lazy about changing passwords, erasing phone calls and messages can lead to your partner finding out about your affair. You need to erase all possible trails that can lead any and all indiscretions back to you. Make sure you have covered all of your bases before getting a bit more comfortable in your position. If your partner suspects that you are cheating on him or her, he or she will try their best to find proof of your infidelity. Don’t leave room for error and don’t get too cocky, thinking you’re getting away with your indiscretion.

Make Sure You Wisely Choose Your Partner

“Choose wisely”

“Choose wisely”

Having an affair takes two. Ultimately, you want to cheat on your partner for any number of reasons. Some of them may range from boredom and not enough sex, to just really misunderstanding one another. If you are going to have an affair, make sure you are wise about choosing your partner. You don’t want to go of a bad relationship to an even worse fling. Before starting your affair, make your rules easy to understand and out in the open. No one wants to assume that an affair will lead somewhere that it won’t. You want to be in control of your new relationship, so make sure you are setting the rules before anyone gets hurt.

Plan Ahead And Lie Early

When you are cheating on your partner, you will ultimately have to come up with many lies. Make sure you are not coming up with unbelievable lies that you can be caught up in. You need to think about what you’re going to say and not say random lies last minute. If you take the time to think about what you’re going to say, you have a lesser chance of getting caught up in your lies. Ensure that perhaps there is even a bit of truth to what you’re saying.

Hide The Contact Information Well

You and your new fling will most likely be making contact via cell phone. It is important that you don’t make it obvious that the person calling is someone that you can potentially be having an affair with. Your partner may be quick to catch on and you need to make sure that all of your bases are covered. Change the person’s name on your phone’s caller ID and add them as the opposite sex in your contract. For example, if Sarah is calling, write Bob the Intern there. Your partner will never suspect if it’s a co-worker or it appears to be about your job.

Avoid Showing Any Guilt Whatsoever

Those who are using cheater online dating websites will ultimately still feel guilty about their indiscretions. It is important that you don’t let your guilt show. Any sign of guilt that you are letting your partner see can easily be interpreted as you are cheating or hiding something. Use your best poker face and avoid looking guilty under any circumstances. If you ever feel guilty do so at a friend’s house. You can always speak to your best friend if you feel that you need to get cheating off of your chest.

Take A Shower After Being Together

It is unbelievable how many people cheat and forget to take a shower afterwards. Remember, there are always signs that you’ve had intercourse and unless you wash up, your partner can tell. Don’t leave obvious traces of your indiscretions for your partner to find. Take care by washing away the evidence before any suspicions may arise.

Stick To Your Old Routines

When you’re having an affair, you will undoubtedly feel more liberated. However, if you suddenly change the way you look or do things differently in your daily routine, it can definitely raise red flags. Your partner won’t always look the other way and assume that you are going about your business as usual. Don’t stay out later than you normally would and don’t change your daily schedule as it can really raise concern. Keep your appearance in check as well. If you have generally never cared about shaving or doing your hair just the right way and you suddenly do, your partner will know your efforts aren’t for him or her. Keep it on the down low and only make gradual changes that don’t raise questions or concerns from your partner.

Stick To Your Stories And Don’t Change Them!

What helps you get away with cheating is having an airtight story to tell your partner. Most people who get away with cheating on their spouses are people who are just great at telling white lies. If you are cheating, make sure that you get your story straight and don’t add or detract details. If you can’t remember your stories, write them down! It is better to refer to your notes than to get caught in the act. Your partner can sense if something is going on, so don’t give him, or her, a reason to doubt your honesty.

Always Have Alibis Or Ally

“Always plan an escape route”

“Always plan an escape route”

You can’t get away with cheating without help from a friend. It is important that you have an airtight alibi. For example, if you are going to meet your fling at 9 PM, contact a friend and ask him or her to cover for you. This way if your partner wants to confirm where you were, they can call your friend and confirm that you were there. The number one way to get away with cheating on someone is to have an alibi that not only makes sense, but can easily be confirmed with a phone call. If you spend a lot of time with your friends, your spouse won’t be concerned about you leaving home more often. However, if you don’t have a lot of friends, it can easily raise red flags for your partner. Use initiative when constructing your alibi and choose your most responsible friend as your ally.

Cheating on someone is hard work, but getting away with it is even harder. If you have been unfaithful for some time, it can become even harder to keep all your stories straight. Instead of getting caught up in your lies or performing actions that raise red flags, take steps to preventative care. Using cheater online dating sites isn’t the only way to be unfaithful and meeting your fling in person can make getting away with cheating even harder. Getting caught in the act can make things worse for you and it can seriously destroy your personal relationships.

iPad: Why it’s Better Than Any Other Android Tablets

by Bryan Carmodys on June 5, 2013

Tablet computers are the new definition of handy technology. Although a lot of manufacturers have already innovated models of tablet computers, the world has not known them until a technological giant market them as their latest product. In April 2010, Apple Inc. introduced iPad to the world. Just like their other gadgets, iPad quickly became a sensation.

While a lot of manufacturers are producing the same kind of technology, iPad remains to be the consumers’ top choice for android tablets. Aside from the name “Apple,” there are still many things that the iPad has that other android tablets don’t.

What Makes Apple iPad Better?

Tablets have 3 common features consumers love: it’s lightweight, portable, and functional. But what makes iPad stand out from the rest of the tablet brands?

Portability. iPad has a thickness of 0.28 inch, the slimmest number you can get from any android tablet. Since it is lightweight, the gadget can be brought almost anywhere, especially in the office. Plus, looking for accessories is easy, as you want to carry them with utmost ease.

Apple iPad 2 For Architects

Apple iPad 2 For Architects

Cloud Computing. Any programmer knows about cloud computing and they know how important it is especially if you’re running a business. Productivity apps such as this are more efficient with iPad. For instance, you can manage your website even if you’re away from your office. Some tablets may display a distorted view of your website, but iPad can show you what websites look like exactly the same way on how they are shown using a desktop pc.

iOS 6. iOS 6 is the latest operating iOS system running nowadays. It gives you more useful and functional features that can make your everyday living better. Apps such as Siri, Google maps, and others can be accessed in iPad very easily. Since Apple installed a vector-based engine for iPad, it’s almost impossible to experience lag while using the device. This is a great opportunity to make more business and communicate with friends and family with no hassle.

Overview on Cloud Computing

Overview on Cloud Computing

Retina quality. Images are best appreciated when they capture what the objects and people are in real life. At the time when photo direct sharing is the trend, it is necessary that every device with a built in cam should have an excellent quality camera. iPads have a superb picture quality that you can surely enjoy.

Many Android tablets are created to compete with iPad. Unless they have the features of Apple’s iPad or better, iPad will continue to become a first choice of any consumer when dealing about gadget shopping. Some of the best aspects of photography and web design is that it always goes together. Thus, it is necessary for your iPad matches what you need and want in the internet

How to tell good guys from players

by Bryan Carmodys on June 2, 2013

More often than not all men are referred to as dogs. This is common world over, and the reasons lie in that men are responsible for over 70% of breakups. One of the problems for this is that players are quite often disguised as good guys. Here we’ll discuss how to tell good guys from players.

He Displays Confidence

Players get laid a lot, and that’s always been the case with them. Players don’t just become “players,” but a man becomes one by coincidence. You just don’t get up one morning and instantly become a player through some magic. Players are the way they are because they’ve always had it in them. It’s probably some invisible magnetic field that draws girls to players, and some even still date them knowing what they are.

He Touches a Lot

One thing players know is that, physical contact with a woman makes her relax and feel comfortable. He’s going to caress your hands, put his arms around you and probably brush you slightly. All this will be part of his strategy with the major objective being to get your pants down. Now a good guy won’t place a hand on you because he’s either too nervous or doesn’t want to look like jack ass. Players don’t care about all this because they just don’t care about you.

time he touches her

time he touches her

Eyes Always Wander

A player will know that he needs to give you full attention, but at the same he’ll keep other options open. In the event that you turn him down, he won’t call that a loss, but rather he’ll check out his other merchandise. If he realizes that he’s losing ground, he may let you do the talking whilst he gets busy texting other girls. Pissing you off will make you vulnerable and hence an easy target. It’s always easy to get a girl when there’s competition nearby.

His Phone is Always Busy

Players are always up to something. He may keep charming you, but his phone on the other hand will keep vibrating. Take note of this.

Always busy with his phone!

Always busy with his phone!

He’s Shady

Ask him questions, and if his answers are always elusive then something is fishy. Players will avoid answering questions and may turn them back to you because they don’t want you knowing anything about them. You may only figure out where he stays only if you stalk him. He may even have a girlfriend he doesn’t want you to know. Players lie a lot, and their only goal is to get your pants down.

You Still Want to Screw Him

There’s something about players that makes women fall for them. The confidence, charms, looks and so on turn girls on. If after seeing him do the above mentioned things you still want to take him home then he’s a player. You can take him home, but don’t expect him to call again unless it’s about more sex.

Credit Cards: Tips for getting rid of credit card debt

by Bryan Carmodys on May 30, 2013

Everyone having a credit card needs to know how to use it smartly. A study shows that on an average a household carrying at least one credit card has debt for around $9000. Online shopping induces people to overspend. Holiday spending is yet another reason for increasing credit card debt. if you have accumulated credit card debt, following some tips can help you get rid of it.

Tips for getting rid of credit card debt

  • Avoid Making Just Minimum Payment

Credit card companies need to get a steady stream of revenue, so they allow you to make a minimum payment per month. However, making just minimum payment will lead you to accumulate debt over years. For instance, if you owe $5,000 on credit card and pay 18% interest, making minimum payment of $150 a month will lead you to pay off the debt in three years and eleven months, provided you do not make any new purchases. You will also need to pay around $2,000 in interest. If you want to get rid of credit card debt, you should avoid making just minimum payment. Make it a habit to pay more so that you can get out of debt soon

Make an effort to pay more

Make an effort to pay more

  • Find the Best Offer

Be sure to read the fine print on all your credit card contracts, so that you can find out the best card with the lowest interest rate. You can consider transferring the balances of other credit cards to that card. Credit cards send a lot of solicitations. It is not advisable to accept all of them. Look for the best introductory rates and consider transferring balances to that card.

  • Negotiate a Low Interest Rate

If your credit card bills are getting out of control or you are facing financial problems, you can call the credit card company and negotiate a low interest rate. This will help you to make your credit card payments without much difficulty. You can even ask for a different payment plan affordable to you.

For a lower interest rate.

For a lower interest rate.

  • Establish a Budget

It is worth to prepare a budget that includes all your monthly income, expenses and bill payments. This will help you keep track of where your money is going every month. Budget can help you find out the areas where you can cut down expenses.

  • Make Payments Promptly

Prompt payments can help you get rid of credit card debt quickly. Late payments lead you to pay late fees and penalties that will increase your debt. You can consider setting up automatic payment plans to avoid making late payments.

  • Use Your Savings

You can use your savings and investment returns to pay off credit card debt. The interest from the savings and investment is usually lower that interest rates charged by credit card companies.

Be the best you can be every day

by Bryan Carmodys on May 22, 2013

Do you feel lethargic in spite of your high aims in life? Are you suffering from lack of motivation? Do you feel that you are slipping away from your goals? Here are a few suggestions for your consideration and action thereafter.

Make it a point to keep your commitment alive every day and do something daily in that direction. By doing the same thing daily you develop an emotional attachment with the same and by fulfilling your wishes in that direction you feel highly excited. Another aspect is your physical health. Unless your body is strong you won’t have the stamina to work hard and achieve your goals. You must have nutritious diet every day and daily you must perform physical exercises. It is all the more important to drink plenty of water every day which helps to cleanse the body. You should avoid all unhealthy activities in order to protect your body.

Stop making complaints and resort to action and find the solution. Continuously complaining about something or someone makes you a coward. You must act against the same physically and defeat their motives. Instead of complaining you must try to have a dialogue with the people concerned and find out a solution to the problem so that you can be comfortable in future. In case you find it impossible to rectify then accept the same and stop complaining. Complaining without relevant action will only lead to more complications.

so stop making complaints!

so stop making complaints!

Identify the people who will encourage you and who are your well wishers. Spend the maximum time with such people so that you will get encouragement and moral support from them for achieving your goals. You must avoid their company of those people who always try to defeat you and spoil your enthusiasm.

Proper time management is vital for your success in life. Though there is a lack of time to fulfill all your needs proper planning enables you to find time for everything. Instead of wasting time you must make it a point to use every second in a constructive way. You must plan for your activities well in advance and make a time table for everything. Strict adherence to the timetable enables you to do the right thing at the right time in the right way. Ultimately this makes you successful in your life.

Proper time management is vital for your success in life

Proper time management is vital for your success in life

You must set aside a few minutes every day to catch your breathe. Conscious breathing effectively releases you from stress. This is the best remedy for anxiety and mental tension. Conscious breathing provides the surplus quantity of oxygen to the body thereby providing relief to the heart.

Spend a few minutes every day in complete silence. This will provide rest for your body as well as mind and as a result you will feel refreshed. Your brain will function more actively thereby increasing your overall efficiency.

What life lessons you can learn from Mel Gibson

by Bryan Carmodys on May 15, 2013

Mel Gibson is an Australian-American actor. He is not just known for his outstanding acting skills, but his extremely realistic way of direction as well. Gibson is undoubtedly one of the best actors of all time. The one thing that people can learn from him is the importance of ‘perfection’. Mel Gibson is one of the guys who will look into every single detail. He will only praise a particular thing if he is convinced about its quality.

Overall, Mel Gibson has enjoyed a very good and successful career, both as an actor as well as director. He has gone onto achieve many things in Hollywood. He is one of the actors who has not only tasted commercial success, but has earned critical acclaim for his work as well.

If you look at his career graph, you will notice that never has he had a poor run in Hollywood. This has a lot to do with the fact that he is a perfectionist of some sorts. This was first evident when Mel Gibson played the character of William Wallace in the movie “Brave heart”. It was a period film and hence Gibson was required to do a lot of research. The fact that he played the character so very convincingly is a good enough indication of the amount of work he put in even before giving the first shot.

Mel Gibson big blue eyes

Mel Gibson big blue eyes

Another great example of Gibson giving immense important to perfection is his directorial venture, Passion of the Christ. It is probably one of the most controversial movies of all time. The movie depicts the last hours of Jesus Christ and is also known to be very gruesome in its narrative. One of the critics also went onto state that the canvas of the film is filled with color Red all the time, referring to the kind of bloodshed the movie depicts.

However, Passion of the Christ was also appreciated by many critics, especially for the kind of detailing it portrays. Never has a film been able to show the last hours of Jesus Christ in such authentic and detailed manner. It is also a very tough film to direct. With this film, Mel Gibson literally proved that he strives hard to get all things right. He also stated in a way that he loves his profession and executes all the tasks whole-heartedly.

Mel Gibson's inspiration

Mel Gibson’s inspiration

This is extremely important for people to learn. This can be followed in every walk of life, irrespective of the profession. It just shows that if you take up your profession seriously and are willing to work extremely hard, success will never be too far away from you. Mel Gibson is certainly an inspiration for many.